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Building bridges between faiths

Christian dialogue – Building bridges between fait
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This community seeks to open dialogues

Christianity has been demonised in the eyes of many, primarily by the action/inaction of the Christian Right, along with Catholociam and Methodism.

This comunity is opperated by the Christian Left and seeks to build bridges within Christianity, and between Christianity and members of other faiths & beliefs. We are not all monsters, and the actions of a vocal few should not be causing people to turn away from Christianity.

The comunity is open to all who are willing to treat each other with respect. Jesus taught us to 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. Thus, we believe everyone should be free to follow their own faith as they see fit, as we want to be free to follow our faith, and we ask that people posting here do so with compassion for their fellows.

Please note that this community does not endorse any hateful creed, including, but not limited to, those that divide on grounds of race, ethnicity, sexualty, religion, illness, disability, or any other percieved difference between sentient beings.

Jesus taught us many things. Love, peace, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, tolerance, mercy, and our ability to think for ourselves. It is these ideals that we hold dear.